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The New Age of Wound Healing

Today, there is a vast number of options available on the medical market to heal even the largest of wounds and ensure that they successfully integrate with the body. At the Wound Care Clinic, we provide only the best treatments, both with price in mind and proven to be effective. 

  • Skin Graft (autograft): the most common method of wound grafting, which uses skin from other parts of your body

  • Amniotic-derived Tissue: a breakthrough grafting technique first performed on delicate eye surgeries that utilizes the healing properties of the amnion to promotes tissue regeneration

  • Stem Cell Graft: one of the newest methods of grafting, involving the stimulation of stem cells (MSC) to develop into natural skin. Spares the need to harvest skin from other parts of body.

  • Artificial Skin Alternatives: we provide a wide variety of options both biologically-derived and synthetic, including Epicel®, AlloDerm™, and INTEGRA®.

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Speeds the healing process by providing extra oxygen to the graft area; often used if complications arise